If Only We Could Learn From History

I love this post! It was written 2 1/2 years ago by a black Conservative, Mychal Massie, who I am sure has been marginalized, vilified, and called a sell-out. He has a site called The Daily Rant. He makes a clear and concise case against Obama’s reign of tyranny. Our country stands crippled by policies that BHO has signed into law. Lady Liberty is on life support and so many Americans don’t want to be bothered with “negativity”. I wonder, at times, how many of our freedoms will erode before the uninvolved and uninformed say, “Whoa! When did that happen? We need to do something about this!” I would say to them, “REALLY????? Have you been living in a cave????” The average family can’t be bothered listening to the plethora of bad, if not frightening, news that is coming out of Washington every day. For example, as a society, families are so busy raising their children and trying to make ends meet that they don’t realize their kids are being dumbed down by The Common Core Standards/ Race to the Top initiatives amongst a host of other debilitating Progressive policies that are undoing the very fabric of this once great nation. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are paying LARGE SUMS OF MONEY to schools that are proponents of Common Core/ Race to the Top. Imagine that….public schools needing new computers and software accommodating this new program!!!! No money/profits/ data mining in that! “Nothing to see here! Keep moving!” I try to turn it off, but it is like watching a train wreck…I can’t pull my eyes away. I really wish that there was a way to get credit for being informed and knowing what was going on in our nation’s Capitol. You know, kind of like you would get extra votes for hours spent informing yourself. That way, when Jimmy Kimmel puts a microphone in your face, you just might know the name of the current Vice President! I secretly hope that one day sanity will prevail, and what was once virtuous will again be virtuous, and what was once appalling will again be considered appalling. Right is right; wrong is wrong. It has become like life in a mirror…opposite day.

If for some reason the link doesn’t work, Google “Nero in the White House”.



One thought on “If Only We Could Learn From History

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