It Was a Perfect Day NOT to Feed My Dog Brown Rice and Quinoa!

The day started out beautifully! I woke feeling rested, didn’t have to wake to an alarm, and got a shower before having to meet anyones needs. Awesome! Our morning was of the usual sort: scrambled eggs, oatmeal, and fruit. I packed a PB&J lunch for my daughter then drove her to school. I then came home and got dressed for my busy day. My husband and I shared a lovely lunch in downtown Cincinnati enjoying relaxed conversation over a delicious, split, grilled Cuban panini sandwich with a juicy, crunchy, dill pickle and Harvest Cheddar Sun Chips. We shared light, flirtatious, conversation before a scheduled meeting with an attorney to discuss Living Wills and Power of Attorneys…all that good stuff no one likes to address. We stopped in Saks Fifth Avenue to kill some time before our appointment, and it was a markedly relaxed moment that is all too rare in our busy day-to-day lives. Fantastic!

He had a meeting downtown so we drove separately. I retrieved my car at the valet and in my romantic glow, went shopping for a snazzy new set of readers; some people refer to them as cheaters. It is heck when you have to squint to see the print on a page. Luckily, they do have some pretty darn cute glasses to ease the pain of wearing ” granny glasses”. UGH!!!! I tried a few pairs on, but I haven’t found any that scream “You Sexy Thang!” Undeterred and undefeated, I left Nordstrom and drove to pick up my daughter from school. Of course, she was not curbside but MIA. After another circle through the carpool line, lo and behold, THERE SHE WAS!!!

We attended her 30-minute piano lesson, then dashed off to her swim practice. Knowing my husband was still downtown at a CEO Roundtable meeting that was adjourning around five o’clock, I sent him a text inviting him to come to her swim lesson because I love her new coach’s enthusiasm and dedication to teaching, and he hadn’t seen her before. Again, the day was just awesome! He came to the practice, our daughter lit up like a Christmas tree at his presence, and she amped up her level of effort. It was all good!!!

Our church this weekend spoke of an outreach initiative that involved making a sacrifice of eating beans and rice for a week and pooling that money to help solve problems like the heroin epidemic, the sex slave trade in India amongst other things. It is truly a wonderful way to use resources from which we, in our indulgent day-to-day existence, can seamlessly refrain. Feeling great!!! We got home from swimming and threw together a dinner of packets of brown rice with quinoa, leftover grilled shrimp shish kebobs with red onions and red and yellow peppers and black beans. We dressed it all up with sour cream and Frank’s Hot Sauce and Tabasco. Honestly, it tasted awesome! We were saying, “This isn’t so bad!” Granted, this was only day one of six. Stay tuned for more to come!

The unexpected twist of the evening happened when my husband went to throw away a near-empty packet of the brown rice and quinoa from which we had eaten. I asked if it was empty. He even said, “I will show this to you against my better judgement.” He said, “There is MAYBE a little over a tablespoon in here.” I said, “Okay…you’re right. Not very much in there. Throw it away. You know how I feel about “waste not, want not”. He then proceeded to call our Portuguese Water Dog, Jax, who is known for loving food though it doesn’t always love him, to serve duty as “the clean up man”. He dumped that tablespoon of brown rice with quinoa onto the floor and Jax enthusiastically licked it up with great relish. After dinner, we cleaned up the kitchen, and then we moved on to making sure Grace’s schoolwork was finished. Again, a Norman Rockwell moment! It doesn’t get any better than this! My husband excused himself to the bedroom to wind up his evening, and my daughter and I were sharing some quiet moments finishing up her math work. All of a sudden, I heard it, and IT wasn’t a good sign!

If you have a dog or cat, you are all too familiar with the sound of them vomiting. It is distinguishable and unmistakeable!  I have been known to wake from a dead sleep, run across the mattress, and leap from the bed doing a tuck-and-roll while dragging the spewing dog with me to the tile.  I will do just about anything so as not to have to clean the bilious yellow stain from the carpet. So…that said, at the end of my nearly perfect day, not that I expect them in my mature way of thinking, when I heard that ghastly sound coming from the other room, I knew exactly what it was, and I was NOT in time. I ran to the other room and grabbed him before he could make more than one spot. Before me stood a yellow stain with brown rice and quinoa. I stood over my new little task and assertively said, I LOVE CEANING DOG VOMIT!!! I LOVE CLEANING DOG VOMIT!!! I LOVE CLEANING DOG VOMIT!!! I then heard my husband close the bedroom door. It was just me and my stain ready to do battle…AGAIN! Note to self: if I have a little over a tablespoon of brown rice and quinoa leftover, THROW IT AWAY…DON’T FEED IT TO THE DOG!!!! 20140415-231441.jpg

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